Beware of Relay Keyless Car Theft

High tech thieves are now targeting keyless cars in order to steal them. Hundreds of popular cars, including four of the five best-selling models in the UK, are susceptible to ‘keyless theft’

Is My Car Keyless Entry?  If you have to push a button on your car keys to enter your car, you are not at risk of being “hacked”. Only cars with a keyless entry system can be stolen using so called ‘relay’ equipment.

Keyless entry cars allow the driver to unlock and start the car with the key fob still in their pocket.  Once in the car, the driver can press a button to start the engine.

What Can I Do To Protect My Car? The easiest precaution is not to leave your car keys near the front door. Depending on the remote however, (the range can be between 5 and 20 metres), if yours is at the further end of the scale, it may still be able to communicate with the thieves’ equipment. A more secure option is to use a Faraday pouch or box. These are specially designed to prevent radio frequency signals from getting in or out. They can be purchased from as little as £5 from motoring stores or on online. The pouches can also be useful for protecting credit and debit cards.